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6:00PM  Indigenous hors d’oeuvres/beverages & Longhouse village activities

6:40PM  Land acknowledgement & opening address

7:00PM  Dinner & entertainment 

7:15PM  Opening remarks

7:20PM  Announcement

7:30PM  Re:Generations address 

8:00PM  Silent Auction closes

8:15PM  Live Auction

8:25PM  Fund-A-Need

9:00PM  Dessert

10:00PM  Evening ends

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Elder’s Circle 

Join the circle, warm yourself by the fire, and spend some time learning from local Elders who have the respect of their community through wisdom, spirituality, and living in a good way.


Red Ties 

Visit the White Pines, the tree of peace, to tie a red tie and take a moment of silence to reflect on the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two Spirit People in Canada. This installation will officially be launched for public participation in partnership with Grandmother’s Voice from early October until early November.

Tobacco Ties

Visit with Brad Howie, Indigenous Education Coordinator, to learn about the importance of tobacco for reciprocity and how to make your own tobacco tie.


Corn, Beans and Squash - Celebrating Indigenous Foodways

Since 2018, Conservation Halton and Ojibiikaan Indigenous Cultural Network have co-operated a Three Sisters Garden at Crawford Lake. Visit with the Ojibiikaan team to learn about the important work they are doing to connect urban children and Indigenous youth with the land and traditional foodways.

Lacrosse Demonstration

We are pleased to be joined by representatives of Haudenosaunee Lacrosse, a world leader in the planning and facilitation of cultural education teachings! Come try your hand at the fastest game on two feet, also known as the Creator’s Game.


Fire Over Water Exhibit

Visit with artist Catherine Tammaro in the Deer Clan Longhouse to be immersed in her new exhibit - Fire Over Water. Featuring original paintings, multi-media works, music, and video, Fire Over Water honours the Wendat/Wyandot diaspora represented in Dr. Kathryn Magee Labelle’s recently released book, Daughter’s of Aataentsic: Life Stories From Seven Generations.


Lacey is a soul, roots and rock singer, songwriter and inspirational speaker. The Oneida Wolf Clan musician was born and raised at Six Nations.

Tribal Vision Dance Logo_2.jpg

Tribal Vision specializes in First Nations Art Education and Native Dance that includes live singing and dancing in Powwow & Haudenosaunee styles.


Zeegwon Shilling is a 16-year-old Anishnawbe Toronto and Wasauksing First Nation-based actor and singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist who is just beginning to share his voice with the world. Since he was a small child Zeegwon has expressed his passion for music and performance as a self-taught pianist, vocalist and actor. In November 2018 he was captured on camera singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah which went viral on Facebook garnering over 100,000 views in 3 days (600k+ in total). Zeegwon has always expressed immense cultural pride and vision of his Anishinabe identity admiring the many great Indigenous musical talents that have come before him, as well as the many art forms of his people. He is the great nephew of the late renowned Ojibway painter Arthur Shilling and has been nurtured by a family with a loving respect for artistic expression.   

Help us fund hands-on, outdoor learning programs and experiences
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Andrews Farm Market & Winery

GEO Morphix Ltd.

Milton Ford Lincoln

Springridge Farm

Watson & Associates Economists Ltd.

Xposure PR

York Trafalgar Homes

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Reception served by Nish Dish
NishDish's menu has been crafted by Chef Johl Whiteduck Ringuette from many knowledge keepers and ancestors of hunters and gatherers who have shared and taught their families Indigenous food practices. Ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally from many different First Nations communities, from the Wild rice (manoomin) people to the Traditional Indigenous gardeners.
Dinner served by No Small Feast
Food is our passion. Service is our pleasure. Matt and Mike of No Small Feast believe that food is the centerpiece that people build their relationships and memories around. They first met by working in the kitchen of an esteemed restaurant and soon realized that their passion for cooking and pleasing palates was better served in a kitchen of their own creation! No Small Feast uses ingredients with integrity, sourced from the most reputable of origins and meets their high standards.  
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