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$25,000 – Indigenous-Led Exhibits

Fund an Indigenous-led art exhibit at Deer Clan Longhouse to help the public interact with modern Indigenous ways of knowing.

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$20,000 – Classroom Spaces

Fund an all-season learning space to benefit 30,000+ students who visit Crawford Lake each year.

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$15,000 – Park Accessibility

Fund all-terrain wheelchairs, ramps and small capital upgrades that will make the park more accessible.


$7,500 – Teaching Tools for Educators 

Fund teaching aids and hands-on tools that enrich learning at Crawford Lake.

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$3,000 – Interpretive Trail Sculptures

Fund a new wood carving on the Hide-and-Seek Trail that raises awareness about species at risk.

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$2,500 – Tools and Materials for Garden Maintenance 

Fund the purchase of gardening tools and materials that our staff and volunteers use to maintain Crawford Lake’s gardens.


$1,000 – Games for Kids   

Fund equipment and supplies that children will interact with every day at Crawford Lake.

Send a Kid to Crawford 

For $750 – Send a Bus to Crawford

For $500 – Send a Class to Crawford

For $150 – Send a Family to Crawford 

For $50 – Send a Kid to Crawford 

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